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Available Publications

Parr NM, Passalacqua NV, Skorpinski K. 2017. Investigations into age-related changes in the human mandible. Journal of Forensic Sciences 62(6):1586-1591.

Hefner JT, Spatola B, Passalacqua NV, Gocha T. 2016. Beyond Taphonomy: Exploring Craniometric Variation among Anatomical Material. Journal of Forensic Sciences 61(6):1440-1449.

Congram D, Passalacqua NV, Ríos L. 2014. Inter-site analysis of victims of extra- and judicial execution in civil war Spain: Location and direction of perimortem gunshot trauma. Annals of Anthropological Practice 38(1):81-88.

Powell BJ, Passalacqua NV, Baumer TG, Fenton TW, Haut RC. Fracture Patterns On the Infant Porcine Skull Following Severe Blunt Impact. Journal of Forensic Sciences 57(2):312-317.

Passalacqua NV. 2012. Bioarchaeological investigations of heath and demography in Medieval Asturias, Spain [dissertation]. Lansing (MI), Michigan State University.

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