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Laboratory Analyses

As a certified forensic anthropologist, Dr. Passalacqua is an expert in the analysis of skeletal remains and has performed hundreds of such analyses.

Determination of forensic significance

Sometimes a bone or other item is found and it is unclear if that item represents human remains or not. Dr Passalacqua routinely consults with numerous law enforcement and other agencies when bones are found and they need someone to confirm if they are human remains or not. 


Estimation of the biological profile

When unidentified human remains are found, the first step to making an identification is the generation of a biological profile, which represents estimates of age, population affinity, sex, and stature. 


Trauma analysis

The analysis of skeletal trauma is an important part of any case analysis and can assist the medicolegal authority in their determination of cause and manner of death.


Positive identification

A positive or scientific identification of unknown remains is performed by comparing records, typically dental or medical radiographs, from a known missing person to comparable records from an unidentified individual. 

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